Background Advice On Fast Secrets Of Wedding Photos

Raquel’s Rule: The Bridal Party, along with their dates, parents of the Bride and Groom and even the Bride and Groom, can sit wherever they please. We still see the traditional head table with the bridal party, but it almost always includes the dates of the bridal party. More often, the Bride and Groom sit with their just their Honor Attendants and dates and, perhaps, each set of Parents and possibly include the wedding officiant. Brides and Grooms have also sat alone at a small table called a “sweetheart table.” That, too, is moving out of fashion. Sometimes the Bride and Groom sit in the middle of the room, or they sit at the head of the room. Whatever and wherever your choice, it’s fine. You have the flexibility to sit where you want. That goes for all the guests: you don’t have to have a “bride side and groom side,” and you don’t have to have “bride’s tables” or “groom’s tables.” Whatever you think is the right choice for your guest list is fine. The key is to remember you are still the host. You want to do what you think would make your guests the most comfortable. As these invitees are your nearest and dearest, you should know what makes them tick.

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