Suggestions For Sensible Wedding Day Secrets

The Vampire Diaries Caroline Wedding Dress We all know Katherine will be pissed enough to come out of hell for that. But anyways, we need to discuss thatgown. Her June wedding may have been rushed or is it June? who knows anymore but apparently she had time for a fitting because her dress is seriously stunning.The top is completely sheer, but decorated with lace adding the perfect amount of Caroline detail. She also has on a headband with babys breath, and is carrying a gorgeous bouquet. Seriously, can Katherine wait untilafter the I do to come in so we can just fawn overthis moment for a few? The Vampire Diaries: Photos Of Season 8 Of course, we have no idea when Katherine willactually show herself. We found out at the end of last weeks episode that with Cade gone, Hell is still very much in existence and now the baddest bitch of all is ruling it. We also saw whatlooked like Katherine from the back in the promos, and Caroline getting blown away by an explosion so its safe to say shespissed.

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