Some Growing Options For Astute Wedding Rings Programs

Weve seen those debates rage, even when just discussing theoretical rules. Among those guidelines, was anyone aware of a ban on recycling a fancy outfit from one wedding to another? One wedding guest in the U.K. recently found out her family thinks there should be one. Since Christmas, Ive been to four weddings, wrote Mumsnet user GameOldBirdz on Tuesday. Weve all had those years, when everyone in our circle of friends seems to be getting hitched and the concept of wedding season seems to encompass a good 20 months. This guest dared to wear the same outfit to three of those weddings and received an unpleasant surprise afterward. My cousin, who was at both family same-outfit weddings, sent me a load of photographs yesterday and said in the email, Its a shame you couldnt be bothered to wear something different,’ GameOldBirdz wrote the joking reply, Im sorry if I offended you [by] recycling my outfit, Im cheap. Instead of laughing it off, the cousin sent a massive paragraph saying I was disrespectful, that it was very bad show, it was rude and that if I didnt want to go I should have declined the invitation rather than turn up inappropriately dressed (her words). When GameOldBirdz turned to her mother for support in the matter, she too said that recycling her outfit was inappropriate. Judging by the 360 comments (and counting) this post has received, the cousin and mother are in the minority there. Disrespectful to whom? asked Mumsnet user brassbrass. Would the bride and groom have noticed you were wearing the same dress? Would they have cared?

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