Some Questions For Significant Details For Wedding Toast

itemprop “A lot of them feel almost crippled by the number of weddings they are invited to,” but nevertheless find it hard to say no, she said. Berger said she had heard about a young woman who attended five weddings over eight weekends, and another who lamented that she had used all her vacation time attending weddings. Twenty-one percent of the people surveyed for the study said they had declined a wedding invitation because they felt they couldn’t afford to go. Women (27 percent) were more likely than men (16 percent) to decline because of cost. Traveling expenses are a big part of the cost for many people, especially for millennials, who have tended to scatter across the country more than their parents’ generation did. Rather than wait for the actual invitations, Berger suggested that as soon as “save the date” notices arrive, guests who will need to travel should be looking to nail down flights to take advantage of lower fares. Then, she suggested, try to trim your discretionary spending a bit at a time, to build up a fund for the trip. Kristen Maxwell Cooper, executive editor of the Knot, a wedding planning website, suggested teaming up with other guests to economize: Look for an Airbnb rental to share, and consider giving a group gift. Pooling funds with others can help you stick to a budget, while enabling you to buy a pricier item from the couple’s registry, she said.

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