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What guests actually give at weddings

Thursday, 25 May 2017 | 3:45 PM ET | 01:12 As the summer wedding season kicks off, it’s important to remember that being invited to share in a couple’s special day can be an expensive memory. Between the travel expenses, hotel stay, special-occasion attire and, of course, the wedding gift itself, guests often shell out hundreds just to attend. Nationwide, the average cash gift is about $160, according to , based on data from the 2016 wedding season. And wedding gift amounts tend to spike during Wedding gift-giving habits also vary by region, according to a separate report by In the Northeast, guests are particularly generous. Nearly one-third said their typical gift is at least $200, compared with just 13 percent of everyone else. Bankrate polled 1,000 adults in early April. Northeasterners are also more likely to give cash or a check, while those in the South and West are more likely to buy a gift off the registry, Bankrate said. These days, the amount you spend should have less to do with where you live or what kind of wedding you are attending, and more to do with your own budget and feelings about the couple, experts said.

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